AI Summary

In the previous section, we mentioned that without any configuration, the content in the digest defaults to the original content.

If we summarize this content using AI, it will further enhance our reading efficiency.

If there's an AI Summarized tag in the digest, it means the digest has been summarized using AI.

Configuring AI

First, go to the Settings Page => Extensions, and find Tidyread: setting

Raycast AI

By default, Raycast AI is used as the provider for AI summary. Configuration is as follows: raycast


If you are not a Raycast Pro member, you will be unable to use Raycast AI.

If your membership does not include gpt-4, using gpt-4 will automatically downgrade to 3.5.


Configuration is as follows:


Moonshot AI

Configuration is as follows:


Summary Prompt

The default summary is:

Summarize the content within 50 to 200 characters, excluding any references to author publicity and promotion. The summary should be straightforward and in {{lang}}.

You can customize the summary prompt in the configuration: prompt

Verify The Effect

Once configured, try generating the digest again to see the effect:


If the digest takes too long to generate or fails, you can refer to the documentation for troubleshooting.

If you find that some article summaries fail, you can refer to the documentation for further investigation.

As we can see from the effect just now, the title and content of the article in the digest are in the language of the original, is it possible to translate it into a language we are more familiar with? Please see the next section.