Getting Started


Tidyread currently only offers a Raycast extension. If you haven't installed Raycast yet, it's highly recommended to give it a try.

Go to download (opens in a new tab).



Enter the Manage Sources command. To help users get started quickly, you will see an onboarding guide: onboard_guide

After selecting your areas of interest and submitting, Tidyread will automatically add some reading sources for you and navigate to the Daily Read command (your most commonly used command) to automatically generate a digest: digest_generating

If you don't like the recommended reading sources, you can skip this step: skip_onboard_guide

Adding Your First Reading Source

If you skip the guide, you'll need to manually add a reading source, and you'll see an empty list:


Pressing Enter will trigger the creation of a reading source:


If you went through the guide, some reading sources will be automatically created for you. In Manage Sources, you can still manually create subscriptions using cmd + N, taking you to the interface shown above.

Only the URL and Title are required fields; the rest are optional. Through the Schedule field, you can plan the reading time for that source, and it will appear in that day's Daily Read.

Only when the RSS Link is provided, can the reading source be used to generate digests. If you want to learn how to find a website's RSS, you can refer to the documentation.

Try Generating a Digest

Enter the Daily Read command. If you skipped the onboarding guide, you'll see that the digest has not yet been generated:


Press Enter and wait for the digest to be generated: daily_read_has_digest

Once generated, you can see the digest in Daily Read. Clicking Enter allows you to view the details of the digest: todays_digest

Since no AI-related configurations have been set up yet, all content in the digest is original and has not been summarized by AI.

At this point, you have used the basic functions of Tidyread. If you wish to further enhance your reading experience, please continue reading.